3rd Edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival

Information from 2e Bureau:

Focusing on ‘TRIBE,’ the 3rd Edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival
presents another fascinating array of exhibitions and events in Kyoto.

Dates: 2015. 4.18 Sat – 5.10 Sun (Press Preview on 4.17)

Exhibitions: 14 Exhibitions. Artists from 9 countries 15 venues

Organizer: KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival Coorganizers
Kyoto City, Kyoto Municipal Board of Education

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[About KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival]

KYOTOGRAPHIE is a world-class photographic festival presented annually in Kyoto (Japan) over three weeks during the height tourist season. With a style that is unique in Asia, KYOTOGRAPHIE presents outstanding photography through original scenography in Kyoto City’s iconic traditional and contemporary architectural spaces. Recognized as a distinguished photographic event, the festival successfully established its reputation in 2014, attracting around 40,000 visitors from across the country and overseas. KYOTOGRAPHIE 2015, 3rd EDITION, April 18th-May 10th, 2015. Exhibiting 14 widely recognized and celebrated Japanese and international photographers from 9 countries in 15 venues. KYOTOGRAPHIE aims to foster an appreciation of photography as a medium and art form. The festival brings together the international arts community to create opportunities and events that generate quality exchanges for people of all ages and cultures. Coinciding with the major festival program an extensive Education and Public Program is presented, including artist talks, lectures, children’s workshops, photographic workshops and exciting evening events. KYOTOGRAPHIE also also fosters opportunities for emerging photographers through its major satellite event KG+.

[TRIBE – What’s Your Story?]
of the spring
The tribe is a source of fascination in a world where globalization and population displacement pose crucial questions concerning roots and belonging. Since inclusion is vital to our happiness, the tribe naturally attracts. Now, as in times past, the tribe provides ways of connecting and sharing important information and ideologies. Through shared heritage, collective conscience, or common values the tribe embraces us and becomes a significant identifying factor in our social fabric.
Crossing the globe in search of places where people meet, engage and form special relationships, KYOTOGRAPHIE’s 2015 exhibitions look back at the past to explore indigenous cultures and history, and investigate contemporary popular culture and society. TRIBE seeks to question what it means to belong, both by choice and as a matter of circumstance.

[ Highlights]
●Marc Riboud’s exhibition „Alaska“ presented by CHANEL NEXUS HALL goes on tour (1)
the fringes of Touring from CHANEL NEXUS HALL, this exhibition features unpublished and unseen works shot in Alaska in 1958 by Marc Riboud, one of the 20th century’s leading photographers.
Two Japanese artists in the spotlight: Kimiko Yoshida and Yusuke Yamatani (2 and 12)
Thanks to GUCCI support, this will be the first Japanese exhibition of the Paris-based artist Kimiko Yoshida. Creating unique self-portraits in which she wears elaborate costumes, from haute couture to indigenous cultures to the canon of Western painting. KYOTOGRAPHIE will also feature the work of the young photographer Yusuke Yamatani (born in 1985), whose compelling frames have marked him out as a promising future talent.
●“Last Samurai” images from the photographic collections of the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts (3)
World premiere! KYOTOGRAPHIE begins a collaboration with the Guimet museum (France), presenting never before seen albums and images. This first exhibition will provide an in-depth and valuable look into samurai culture. It will include rare portraits of Japan’s warrior class from the height of the samurai era and photographs that were produced for foreign consumption in the Meiji period.
●Francis Wolff, a vision of jazz (5)
Japan premiere! This special Blue Note Records exhibition features Francis Wolff and other important archived works from Reid Miles. It traces the legacy of jazz and explores the intimate moments Wolff captured in his lengthy career. ●Roger Ballen first solo exhibition in Japan (9) Roger Ballen is a South Africa-based artist who brings a unique perspective to themes of racial discrimination and poverty. His fascinating work has gained enormous global attention. This much-awaited exhibition will take place at Horikawa Oike Gallery, where a retrospective supported by COMME des GARÇONS will provide insight into his photographic career. Roger Ballen’s new movie Outland will also be shown at COMME des GARÇONS Kyoto store.
In addition, KYOTOGRAPHIE will launch a new edition of his controversial photobook Outland complete with 45 new images. Outland is the culmination of Ballen’s twenty years of work and is one of the most extraordinary photographic documents of the late 20th century.