Salon de la photo 2015 Paris

salon de la photo 2015

Salon de la Photo.
This flagship event, to be held in Paris in November of this year, spotlighting new developments and innovations in the photography market, reflects both amateur and professional photographers’  passion for the art and practice of photography,  making it a must-attend event on the international  agenda.
Featuring major global brands and all the  latest technology, from image acquisition to editing, printing and image sharing, the Salon de la Photo offers original exhibitions, lectures, workshops and discussions, as well as meetings with prominent photographers, a retail village and a bookstore.

This unpretentious new graphic is a hand extended
towards transmission, sharing and discovery – an
act of photography viewed through the eyes of
passion, conveying a taste for everyday life and a
desire to escape towards multiple horizons. .
* Born not far from Le Havre en 1990, Théo Gosselin
grew up with the ocean, forests and the sound of
electric guitars. With a passion for drawing, music
and film, he took up photography in 2007, which
quickly became a way of life. Gosselin captures the
life and adventures of his generation, with both its
good and ugly sides. He photographs his friends
rather than models. An eternal traveller, he seeks
to find peace on the road in Europe and the United
States and shares his way of life with the people he
loves. He finds his truth in the great outdoors and in
the hearts of the people he meets along the way.
Théo Gosselin was a ZOOM AWARDS candidate in